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Kapperallee 44, 7211CG Eefde - Gelderland, The Netherlands

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All Products

baseplate for season and year-fesifalsets

IMG_2768 2.JPG IMG_2772 2.JPG

Autumn set without base-plate

IMG_7304.JPG IMG_1091.JPG

Winterscene without baseplate


Spring set without baseplate

IMG_1877.JPG IMG_4205 2.JPG

dinner table set

IMG_8399.JPG IMG_8330.JPG

kitchen for dollhouse


nativity scene (advents-calendar) without baseplate

IMG_5456.jpg IMG_5451.jpg

simple diy snowset

IMG_4978.jpg IMG_4979.jpg

Round wooden candle holder

IMG_4711.JPG IMG_4715.JPG

Treasure necklace with two tiny bears


wooden candleholder small

DSCF4237.jpg DSCF4234.jpg

Wooden tinker tray

IMG_1091.JPG 8CA8DE27-B4FA-4164-80A4-43E859318DD3 2.JPG

the whole year round

IMG_6581 2.JPG IMG_1871 2.JPG

Birthday set with out base-plate

IMG_9527 2.JPG IMG_8236 2.JPG

washing set

IMG_6126.JPG IMG_6100.JPG

Handpainted wooden bird eggs

IMG_7816.JPG IMG_7899.JPG

Easter hare necklace

IMG_2323.JPG IMG_4016.JPG


IMG_9125 2.JPG

woodencandle holder medium

IMG_0707.JPG IMG_0686 2.jpg

Small hummingbird

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