For this set you have to order the baseplate seperatly.


This base is the start of a collection through your childs younger years. There's a birthday set, seasonal sets and festivitiy sets. 


This set is personalized. I'll paint the childs name on the wooden backdrop and a stone which is fitting to your childs zodiac sign is included. In order to get this set on time order 2 weeks upfront so i can have it ready for you on time. It's not a problem if you don't know the name you can email this afterwards.


This new born set includes:

- candle with candle holder

- cradle wiyh baby.

- ceramic vase from De Noest with some dried flowers

- felted moon.

- wooden stars

- brase bell

- 2 tiny birds

- wooden angel

- bottle with rose quarts

- bottle wih callendula oil

- tiny basket with dried lavendre

- wooden back drop

- stone fitting zodiac sign.


new born set with out base plate.

€ 95,00Price

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