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Open end play set for peg doll and doll house

Open end play set for peg doll and doll house

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This set has been put together by us with great care. It contains a collection of open-ended toys special for pegdolls and dolls' houses. They can be played with immediately but because of the added materials they also invite to tinker and add things yourself. The dolls are unfinished so they can also be decorated to your own wishes. This set fits with all our doll house sets and the doll house itself.

It is an invitation to your child and yourself to endlessly invent stories, create environments and play.


This set contains:

- 1 sewing chest

- 4 pegdolls large

- 4 pegdolls medium

- 4 pegdolls small

- 1 wooden bird

- 4 mini mushrooms

- 2 mushrooms small

- 1 mushroom large

- 3 wooden trees

- 3 wooden hats

- 2 wooden flower pots

- 1 wooden tray

- 2 straw hats

-2 straw baskets

- 1 box of shells

- 1 box of stones

- Fleece blue, green, brown and white

- 1 bundle of thick wick

- 1 bundle of thin wicker

- 1 bundle lollipop stick normal

- 1 bundle lollipop stick with profile

- 1 meadow green felt

- 1 pond blue felt

- 4 loose form brown felt

- 3 earth dark brown felt

- 7 nuts

- 3 slice of wood

- 1 white natural sponge 

- 1 wooden pod

- Collection of 6 pieces of felt 10cm by 10cm

- collection of 7 pieces of beeswax 3cm by 2cm


colours may vary. This set does't include other things then in the list above altough you see other products we sell incorporated in the pictures 



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