Laine Maison

My name is Josephine Broekhuizen. I am the woman behind Laine Maison.
I graduated from Minerva Academy as a Theatre Designer.
I was a true workshop enthusiast and in full hubris convinced that I could learn anything.  (Actually, not much has changed)

After graduation, I worked in the area for years. I made and played in many different locations and benefited greatly from my experience in the workshops at the academy. A few years later, my work shifted more toward interior design.

Shortly after the birth of our youngest son, we moved to the eastern part of the Netherlands. Together with my father and husband, I rebuilt our house where really everything had to be done. As the children grew up and the worst of the renovation dust settled, space was created to start creating my own work again. I started doing this under the name Laine Maison.

My field of work consists of 3 directions:
1. I had come home through the move to an environment where I was in daily contact with nature and became very aware of the change through the seasons. Everything appeared to be of a beauty that inspired and touched me immensely. The formal language of animals and plants can often be found in my work. A connection that I live with and try to make visible in my work. You can find this work especially in the interior collection. 
2. Seasonal tables and seasonal items. I was introduced to anthroposophy 17 years ago. A movement that awakened a lot in me and gave it a place. I immersed myself in the annual festivals (after many years that encompasses much more than just anthroposophy) Living with annual festivals makes the rhythm of the year insightful. By making a yearly table I could also make this insightful for my children. Out of a need to create new images and introduce people to life with the year came the nature table collection.     
 3. In addition to the applied work, I also create free work. This work is more intuitive and each product is unique. These images often come naturally it seems. The free work gives me room to experiment , to play. It is also possible to make a personal work on request. You can find this work under the artwork collection
At the moment I am working on a number of courses and I am setting up a platform for makers on this website.
More about this will be known soon.