Potlood en Inkt

On the left Rivka Lucas-Bos and on the right Arwen Gerrits

Potlood and Inkt  meaning Pencil and ink in Dutch.
Rivka Lucas-Bos draws, felts, gardens, cans. Nature is her source of inspiration. Arwen Gerrits writes, poems, edits. Language is her world. Together they look, talk, read, work. With pencil and ink they create drawings and poems that bring life to bloom together.

About Bloei,

Bloei ( meaning Bloom in dutch) consists of 36 drawings and poems about nature, life, and everything that blooms. Rivka Lucas drew the wildflowers from her garden. Arwen Gerrits found words to accompany them. Because while they spent a year together selecting flowers from the garden's offerings and the passing of time, the stories naturally emerged. About desires, experiences, and expectations. In this way, they harvested depth, friendship, and connection. They compiled the result into Bloom.