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Seasonal table

Seasonal table

On this pages you find all our seasonal sets together. Everything to celebrate the year at home. 



DSCF3685.jpg DSCF3676.jpg

wall shelf


baseplate for season and year-fesifalsets

IMG_1091.JPG 8CA8DE27-B4FA-4164-80A4-43E859318DD3 2.JPG

the whole year round

IMG_2768 2.JPG IMG_2772 2.JPG

Autumn set without base-plate

DSCF3258.jpg DSCF3247.jpg

2 witches

78DCEF82-7592-4252-8EEB-718AEFBD85EA.JPG 34498629-4692-4142-ABF3-F9D46B02C514.JPG

Martinmas without baseplate


2 lampion bearers


angel and starsingers


Advent calander without baseplate


nativity scene (advents-calendar) without baseplate

IMG_0281.jpg IMG_0276.jpg

Epiphiny set. without baseplate

IMG_7304.JPG IMG_1091.JPG

Winterscene without baseplate


Spring set without baseplate

IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0170_edited.jpg

Summerset. without baseplate


Birthday set with out base-plate

IMG_3185 2.JPG

extra name or number

IMG_8071.JPG IMG_8069.JPG

Easter set addition to the spring set without baseplate

IMG_8714.JPG IMG_8713.JPG

Pentecost-pinksteren without baseplate

IMG_7709.JPG IMG_7707.JPG

new born set with out base plate.

IMG_0407.JPG IMG_0410.JPG

nature gnomes 1.0

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