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Dreamcatcher custommade

Dreamcatcher custommade

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Sometimes I may make something by request. It's wonderful, empathizing with another person, investigating why images come to me and translating them visually. Through one of those questions I stumbled upon the dream catcher. It feels so commercial and one-dimensional. But the more I read about it the more it got to me.

It tied together all kinds of interests and areas I was delving into. For what why a dream catcher? Lakota legend tells the story of a spiritual leader of the Lakota tribe who had a vsion on a mountain. In this vision, the Spirit of wisdom "Iktomi" appeared in the form of a spider. Iktomi told the story of the circle of life. We are born, are children and become adults. Eventually we grow old and need to be cared for as children, and so the circle is complete again. During this talk, Iktomi wove a web and decorated it with feathers. 

And then I also wanted to make 1 and perhaps many. My way, with wood and real stones and feathers. For example someone born in the month of April. 

The Falcon is totem animal for April she is the messenger of the animal kingdom, her cry always announces a special event. The Falcon is also a keen observer to whom the smallest detail does not escape while still keeping an overview. Opal is the stone that matches this. 
Opal is a protective and activating stone. This stone makes one lively and optimistic, original and creative and promotes interest in art and beautiful things. Opal also has a strong connection to loyalty, love and passion. 
I added the golden triangle in the web, a combination of Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. When placed together, these three crystals generate optimal positive energy flow. This combination of stones the ability to cleanse a space which always helps with better sleep. 
And finally a beautiful branch of ivy representing eternal life (evergreen) and great attachment. 

A long story but I got so much pleasure from making this dreamcatcher that I would like to make them for you on request.  keep in mind it will take 3/4 weeks to make one!



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