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Kapperallee 44, 7211CG Eefde - Gelderland, The Netherlands

Pentecost-pinksteren without baseplate


 Pentecost is a festival of ancient rituals and pagan traditions that have been transformed by the church. The meanings below the Christian layer, however, make this festival tangible and very rewarding for everyone. It is a celebration of human awareness and creative power. After the spring blossom, the fruit principle can now mature just as a flame may burn in our hearts. Dancing together around the May tree as a connection between heaven and earth. The pigeon as a messenger of higher spheres. The butterfly that illustrates the metamorphosis given to us. Can we imagine that the caterpillar dies and that a butterfly is born from the light? That that light was spun into a thread of earthly matter to change into a different life form? Such a miracle! The ringing bells for the bride and groom to soak fertility and scare away the devil. This is also the time when traditionally married under arches decorated with paper flowers that show the creative power of the people. So much to become aware of and to connect with our world, heaven and earth!


Laine Maison's sets are handmade with love and care. There may be deviations from the set shown in the picture. Each Laine Maison set is unique and one of a kind. This winter-scene fits on the baseplate which can be ordered separately.




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